11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

11 BirthdaysAmanda’s 11th birthday is bittersweet this year. Sweet because who doesn’t love their own birthday? Bitter because this will be the first birthday that she won’t share with Leo, who has the same birthday, and who was her best friend until there was a misunderstanding at their birthday party last year. Now, Amanda and Leo will have their own parties and their friends will be divided.

Many factors seem to conspire against Amanda’s enjoyment of her special day. She has to take the bus to school because her father is sick and can’t drive. After school, she feels pressured by her best friend Stephanie to try out for gymnastics when she would rather try out for the band. Her mother has planned a movie theme party and Amanda isn’t happy about her Dorothy costume with the uncomfortable shoes. It also seems that Leo is having a cooler party and that most people would prefer to be there. Amanda just wants to get through the day.

Imagine her surprise when she wakes up the following morning and it is her birthday – again! Is her family just playing a trick on her? The 2nd birthday is a repeat of her 1st birthday. This odd loop continues and every morning she wakes up it is still her 11th birthday. No one else around her seems to realize that the day keeps repeating itself. But then she discovers that someone else is aware of what is happening and they work together to discover why Amanda’s 11th birthday won’t go away.

Posted by: Wendy


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    Summer Sesedri said,

    THIS IS A GREAT BOOK!! I love it so much! The way it was written is like TV in your head. I. Just. Love. It!
    Great job, Wendy Mass!
    Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!!
    Your #3 fan, Summer

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