Hannah’s Winter by Kierin Meehan

Hannah's WinterHannah’s mother, a larger-than-life celebrity horticulturist, has decided to do a book on Japan, and insists on taking Hannah with her, dragging her away from school, friends, father and (annoying) brother. Hannah can’t travel with her mother within Japan, though, so she’s parked with her mother’s friends Maekawas, in Kanazawa.

Hannah may feel out of place in Japan–she’s short, red-haired, and undeniably Caucasian–but her loathed attributes link her to the ghost of a little boy, and a centuries-old mystery.

Hannah’s Winter is a lovely book, balanced perfectly between the realistic descriptions of life in modern Japan and Hannah’s crazy mother, and the atmospheric elements of the ghost story. The narration is quiet, but it fits so well with Hannah’s experience of living in a foreign country, in a snowy winter, in the middle of a ghostly mystery.

Recommended to anyone who likes not-too-frightening ghost stories, folk-tales, or stories of Japan.

Posted by: Sarah


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    sherpeace said,

    I saw your book was published in La Jolla, CA so I was hoping you lived here. I was thinking that maybe we could discuss writing and getting published. I guess it will have to be a long-distance discussion.
    Are you on FB? Twitter? MySpace?
    Sherrie Miranda

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