After Tupac and D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson

After Tupac and D. FosterTwo girls in Queens, New York who are best friends become friends with a girl who just shows up on their block one day. They all like jumping rope and they like to listen to Tupac Shakur’s music. The original friends are sheltered and loved. They are not even allowed off the block unless Neeka’s older brother goes with them. The newcomer is a foster child and her foster mother lets her roam as long as she is home by 9 p.m. The three spend all their time together for a year but don’t learn much about D really. She knows their families and she spends time in their houses but she always has to get on the bus eventually and go back to her foster mother. She dreams of a time when her mother will come and take her back.

Neeka has a large family and during this period her oldest brother who is gay ends up in jail, the result of a bad judgment in character. He became involved with someone he thought loved him but the guy was a dangerous person. His family visits him every week until he is released. He is funny and warm and knows exactly who he is and accepts himself. His family loves him and accepts him, too. Neeka’s other brother, the one who keeps an eye on the girls, is an athelete and is hoping to get a scholarship in basketball.

This book is about girls living in the inner city, their thoughts, feelings, interests and relationships as they grow from children into young ladies. It reflects a sweet acceptance of people and circumstances and celebrates the importance of family and friendships.

Posted by: Fran W.


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