Mama’s Saris by Pooja Makhijani

Mama's SarisAs little girls, we all dreamed of dressing up just like our moms, in her fancy clothes and shiny jewelry. We can recall every event and every dress she wore—the way the sunlight hit the outfit just so, the way the color of her shirt made her eyes dance. Pooja Makhijani’s bright and sentimental Mama’s Saris tells this very story—a birthday girl helps her mother choose a sari, clothes that she only wears now on special occasions. The little girl pleads to be able to wear a sari of her own, citing all the reasons why 7 is grown up. Will Mama relent and let her wear a special sari? If so, what one will the little girl pick? Follow along as the little girl’s eyes shine with the excitement of seeing the brilliant colors and smooth silk and as she recalls the events that prompted its wearing.

Mama’s Saris is both a subtle introduction to an Indian-American family (there are some Hindi words used but they are explained in a glossary) and an adorable glimpse into a playful mother-daughter relationship.

Posted by: Cindy


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