Sassy: Little Sister is Not My Name by Sharon Draper

Sassy: Little Sister is Not My NameEarly chapter book series with female main characters abound. They’re funny, they’re spunky, they’re sure of themselves, etc. What I have a hard time with, however, is that oftentimes they’re not realistic. I don’t mean that they’re fantasy (I love that, too), I just mean that they’re too over-the-top for me. I certainly don’t object to humor–in fact, I relish hilarious episodes–but sometimes I find that too much zaniness in a work of realistic fiction can be unsatisfying. Is the main character really that clueless? Is she really that precocious? Could anything that bizarre really happen to a 9-year-old?

Enter Sassy–she’s real. She’s also funny, smart, sure of herself, and has enough spunk to fill her sparkly Sassy Sack.  The problems she has–her family doesn’t take her seriously, she’s shorter than everyone else in her grade, she wishes her school uniform was more exciting–are the problems that a real 4th grader would face, and her reactions–albeit spunky–are those of a real 9 or 10 year old.  Sassy doesn’t try to save the world, or even her hometown, but this short story is charming; I highly recommend it.

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    louintoha said,

    the book help me read better and faster i love it cause it make never want to stop reading it some book keep me 7 day to finish it but thiz one keep me 2

  2. 2

    How come this is realistic fiction? My mom got me this book for my school project in my school project I should have why is it realistic fiction

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