Yankee Girl by Mary Ann Rodman

Yankee GirlIt is never easy to move away from your friends and familiar surroundings. Alice Moxley and her parents move from Chicago to Mississippi because of her father’s job. He is an FBI agent and has been assigned to protect black people who are registering to vote.

The year is 1964. Alice very quickly discovers that life in Mississippi couldn’t be any more different from life in Chicago. First, there are the southern accents that are so very hard to understand. Then, there are the ways certain people are treated – like they just don’t matter. Finally, there is racial tension everywhere, but it is especially felt in Alice’s new school when the first two black students begin the integration process.

Alice wants to fit in with her new classmates, yet finds it hard to adjust and make friends. She is called Yankee Girl because of her accent and her ‘up North’ ways of thinking. She finds herself torn between trying to fit in with the popular girls, who are the Cheerleaders, or following her heart and befriending the only black girl in her class.

She chooses to try to be one of the popular girls. Even after they play a mean trick on her, she still wants to fit in. Only after tragedy strikes, does Alice realize the importance of listening to her own heart instead of following along with everyone else.

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    What a terrific book review! This is one of the best I’ve read for YANKEE GIRL…and I’ve read them all. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and well-written review.

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