Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn

Closed for the SeasonOctober is a terrific month to read first-rate thrillers and very few authors cover the genre better that Mary Downing Hahn. Closed for the Season is her latest entry into a long list of chillers like Wait ‘til Helen Comes, The Doll in the Garden, The Old Willis Place and All the Lovely Bad Ones to name a few.

Generally with a murder mystery, you get the usual list of suspects. There’s always the hero and most of the time, a sidekick. Then there’s the villain—usually a bully—a victim and many times a “red herring” suspect. In the case of Hahn’s Closed for the Season there’s also a boatload of missing money. But, the real standout in this fast paced thriller is the location, the “Magic Forest,” an abandoned amusement park, gated, padlocked, posted, rotting and almost totally obscured by a blanket of kudzu–a siren’s song for curious 13-year-olds with a sense of adventure.

Hahn has all the right pieces in place and uses her deft touch with this genre to turn out a truly ominous page turner. It’s a genuine grabber that builds like a roller coaster ride continually increasing the tension then plunging into breathless exhilaration before pulling into the “station” with a satisfying ending.

If you’re looking for a good read, don’t be put off by the KEEP OUT signs on the fence or the smell of decay. Places like “The Magic Forest” are only truly Closed for the Season to readers who don’t have the guts to go in…

Posted by: Eileen

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