Minn From Minnesota by Kathy-jo Wargin

Minn From MinnesotaAdventure and friendship abound in this story introducing Minn, a white-footed mouse who finds herself suddenly stolen away from her cozy Minnesota home with her elderly friend Gerdie. Thus begins Minn’s quest to find her way back home. This book is the 2nd in the Mitt and Minn Series, a collection of stories about the adventures of two Midwestern mice with each book taking place in a different Midwestern state.

In each chapter of this story, Minn meets a different character (mostly animals) and finds friendship and often times a new danger as a predator is always ready and waiting to eat poor little Minn. The story gets even more interesting when Minn meets Paul Bunyon and a small elf-like character who each promise to help Minn find her way back home. Things just keep getting in the way, but the kindness of strangers (birds, bears, and bison) keeps her on her path back home to Gerdie.

This story is written in such an old-fashioned way with lovely language and well-developed characters, even though we know most for only a short time . The illustrations are pencil drawings and add to the richness of the story. The story manages to be heartwarming without becoming too sappy or dated. It is no wonder that kids have been asking for these books again and again. How nice to know that kids still love these kinds of stories!

Posted by: Mary

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