The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson

The Christmas MagicThis is a book that whispers.  Lauren Thompson’s Christmas Magic is aptly named.  The feelings engendered in your heart of peace, wonder and goodwill shouldn’t be confined to a single day or even a season.

The quiet text introduces us to a Santa Claus that has nothing to do with commercialism or greed.  He is gentle but not soft.  If he were to “Ho, Ho Ho,” his would be a warmhearted chuckle rather than a belly laugh.  He is a man who truly knows and loves all the children of the world.  He makes you want to believe; believe in Santa and goodness and magic.

Though it is understated throughout, the story builds steadily from the introduction to Santa’s “snug little house with a bright red door” to the wondrous moment when Santa finally calls to his reindeer team to be off and they miraculously rise into the sky.

Jon Muth’s illustrations seem to glow from some internal source. They perfectly reflect the warmth of the text. Even the scenes of the frigid northern night seem serene, peaceful and expectant.  Yet there is energy in each painting.  They augment the story adding tension, drawing the reader in, as only really good illustrations can.

This is a book that, once introduced to your family, will be a treasure to be rediscovered every year and enjoyed by “all the children” no matter what their age.

Posted by: Eileen


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