Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff

Wild GirlHorses and girls just seem to go together, and if you are a horse-lover this book is a perfect fit! The main character is Lidie, a 12-year old girl who moves to America from Brazil to be with her father and brother who are horse trainers in New York. Lidie has waited for years for her father to finally be able to send for her, yet once back with her father, she finds that life is not as she imagined it would be. She has a very hard time adjusting to her new world which includes a new school, new language, new climate — so many new and different things and none meeting her expectations. In addition to that, she is homesick for Brazil and still misses her mother who died years ago. And if that wasn’t enough, her father and brother still see her as the little girl they left behind, which she definitely is not. When she lived in Brazil, Lidie was nicknamed “Wild Girl” for her wild and sometimes stubborn nature. Lidie loved to ride horses and is already an expert rider, and yet her father and brother do not know this and arrange for her to learn to ride on a very old slow horse. The story includes little excerpts from stories of famous race horses that somewhat mirror Lidie’s own experiences. Eventually Lidie finds a way to show her father the girl she has become, and this opens the door to a new and more fulfilling relationship with her father and a happier home for all.

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