The Trouble with Mark Hopper by Elissa Weissman

The Trouble with Mark HopperThis is the type of story that will keep you in stitches. A comedy of errors, The Trouble with Mark Hopper is the story of Mark Hopper and Mark Hopper. There are two boys with the same name who look almost identical. One is a terror and the other is the new boy in town. With plenty of mix-ups, these two boys each become angrier and angrier that they are being mistaken for each other…..until their math teacher makes them work together. Then, they come to realize that maybe they aren’t so different as they thought and that each has his own special strengths. With a style reminiscent of Andrew Clements, Weissman tells a funny story that will have you laughing the whole book through. A great story about friendship and mistaken identities.

Posted by: Kate


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