The King’s Taster by Kenneth Oppel

The King's TasterI was really hungry when I chose this book. The idea of tasting anything was very appealing. How could I resist a story about Max the Royal Cook’s dog—and chief taster–who is desperately trying to save his beloved master’s job—and maybe his head. The Chef is failing miserably in his attempt to convince the obstreperous young King to at least try his food before flinging it across the Royal Dining Room.

In an attempt to placate His Royal Pickiness, the Chef and Max travel the world searching out delicacies to entice the persnickety boy. Despite bringing back pizza from Italy, fries from France and chili tacos from Mexico, the Chef is unable to tempt the King to eat any of his delicious concoctions. Things are looking grim until Max, in a fit of insomnia one evening, discovers The Royal Secret.

This is delightful book and a wonderful story to share with children of all ages. Max, the Royal Chef and even the tempestuous little king, are characters that, despite the brevity of the story, are fully realized and very likable. Kenneth Oppel has proven that he has appeal to a wide variety of audiences. I’m a big fan of his middle school fiction. Now I’m going to have to keep a sharp eye out for his next picture book. Upon reading The King’s Taster, I’m sure you’ll agree with Max that “it was delicious.”

Posted by: Eileen


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