Where to, Little Wombat? by Charles Fuge

Where to, Little WombatOn cold winter days like these, it is nice to dream of warm, faraway places. Where to, Little Wombat? will take readers to a warmer climate and offer them an introduction to Australian animals. While Little Wombat’s mom is busy cleaning, Little Wombat dreams of living somewhere more exciting. He sets off to find a more exciting place to live without much success. Readers will laugh when he tries to go places that he just doesn’t fit. He discovers that his home is the best place to be, but a surprise is in store at the end.

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    dani said,

    The wombat series a cute one, but I felt the author failed a bit with this book. Even with fiction I think the author has an obligation to present facts correctly. Little Wombat takes it into his mind to escape and live somewhere else and decides to go to Australia where he meets new animals and friends including a mole, a turtle, an angry Emu, and more.

    First off, Emu’s nest on the ground and it is not the female who guards and treasures the eggs, but rather the male. So Little Wombat would not have been confronted by an angry mother, but rather an angry father. The male emu makes the nest on the ground and about all the female does is drop the eggs. The male sits on the nest and doesn’t leave it for food, for using the bathroom, for anything losing over a third of his body weight before the chicks are born The father can stay with the chicks for up to two years. Mrs Emu is not around.

    Secondly, Little Wombat would not have had a mole as a friend since there are no true moles in Australia. I believe there are only two marsupial moles which don’t live where Little Wombat went and the moles are quite shy and hard to find.

    There are several glaring errors like this. There are plenty of animals in Australia that the author could have used correctly with real facts rather than making up a story to fit his vision.

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      Rachel said,

      This was a delightful little book with great illustrations. So disappointed that the author presented misleading emu information.

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