Dogs by Emily Gravett

DogsI’ve been a fan of Emily Gravett’s work for a long time, and I was excited to see her new book on our shelves. Dogs is a simple story, describing all of the kinds of dogs that the unseen narrator loves. Readers expecting a subversive tale, like Gravett’s The Odd Egg, will find that Dogs is more akin to her Orange Pear Apple Bear — perfectly illustrated, soft and sweet. The genius of the work lies in the illustrations, which characterize the dogs so thoroughly that one could almost tell an individual story about each dog. Their postures, facial expressions, and demeanor will be instantly familiar to anyone who owns or spends time with dogs. And lest you think that the book is staid, there’s a tiny little twist at the end, sure to evoke a chuckle from both adults and children.

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    5minutespeace said,

    Thanks for this review. This is one of Emily’s books I haven’t looked at. My all time favourite is The Rabbit Problem (amazing interactive features) and her latest The Blue Chameleon. I love her familial interpretation of animals. She gives them such humanistic character.

    You can find reviews for both on


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    prkcslog said,

    We, alas, don’t own The Rabbit Problem (yet?–it’s not supposed to come out in the U.S. until DECEMBER!!), but I love Wolves. I do admit a fondness for using The Odd Egg at storytime, though. I’m all for the traditional folktale justice at the end. 🙂


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