Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl! by Tedd Arnold

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl!Well it is about time that Fly Guy find that special someone. Of course, Fly Guy is the faithful friend and fly companion of Buzz, and in this new book we meet Fly Girl who lives with her friend Lizzz. Liz quickly explains that her pet, Fly Girl, can do all the things that Fly Guy can do including tricks, eating gross stuff (even grosser than Fly Guy), and saying her friend’s name – Lizzz! Buzz and Liz become quick friends, as do Fly Guy and Fly Girl, except that for the flies, friendship soon turns to love. What better adventure for Fly Guy than falling in wuzzy love, getting married (yes married), and having a little fly family. Eventually though Fly Guy and Fly Girl find their way back home to their first friends, Buzz and Liz. What fun for kids and adults alike!

Posted by: Mary

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