Trouble by Gary Schmidt

TroubleThis book is on next year’s Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Award. This is a state award that is given to a book that the children in Illinois pick. Children must pick three of the 20 books on the list in order to be eligible to vote. I have a feeling this will be one of the more popular books.

Henry Smith is just your average 8th grade boy while his older brother Franklin is the stuff of legends. Henry looks up to Franklin and is counting on their trip up Mt. Katahdin this summer. But all that is pushed to the side when Franklin is hit by a car while out running. He hangs on for awhile, but soon passes away. Henry must come to terms with the death of his brother and the possible breakdown of his family. Maybe Franklin wasn’t so great and maybe he has a lot more to learn about life, but maybe not. All Henry knows is that he is bound and determined to climb Mt. Katahdin in honor of his brother. As the story slowly unfolds, the reader finds out bits and pieces of the night Franklin was hit and the mystery surrounding the driver of the truck. A lovely book with great characters and a strong tale of friendship, love and family.

Posted by: Kate


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