Maude March on the Run or, Trouble is her Middle Name by Audrey Coloumbis

Maude March on the RunThis sequel to The Misadventures of Maude March, or Trouble Rides a Fast Horse is just as good as its predecessor. Sisters Sallie and Maude have now settled in with their Uncle Arlen in Independence, MO. Maude is working at the diner and is as serious and respectable as ever. Sallie is still disguised as a boy and loyally following the adventures of her heroes in her beloved ‘dimers’. It looks like the girls will finally have a home again. In an attempt to clear Maude’s name from the crimes she has wrongly been accused of, the girls have written a letter to the authorities in Iowa, returning the money their friend and bumbling con man Marion took at the bank robbery. But just as things are calming down, Uncle Arlen is called to the Colorado Territories to help an old friend and Maude is arrested—their letter clearly not having arrived in time to save her. Next thing you know, Sallie and Marion are breaking Maude out of jail and the trio is on the road again, one step ahead of authorities.

As they race to Uncle Arlen in the C.T., Marion and the girls have to deal with drought, starvation, a bounty hunter, a traveling medicine show, further imprisonment (this time Sallie finally getting some of the action, to her great relief), rival cattle ranchers and to Maude’s greatest dismay, bumbling copycat “Maudes” trying to cash in on the real Maude’s story. Sallie’s observant eye and keen mind provide a witty and insightful look at the Wild West as they cross both desert and prairie to hopefully—and finally?—escape the mess that started when poor Aunt Ruthie got shot.

Maude March on the Run is a fantastic tale of adventure and daring escapes that you won’t be able to put down.

Posted by: Cindy


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