The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity by Mac Barnett

The Case of the Case of Mistaken IdentityCalling all junior G-men. Looking for a swell book to read? You won’t find a more dedicated young sleuth than Steve Brixton. Who’s Steve Brixton, you ask? Well, he just might be the one detective who has the know-how and moxie to fill the shoes of the famous Bailey Brothers. You heard right, pal. I’m talking about the Bailey Brothers themselves, Shawn and Kevin, America’s Favorite Teenage Supersleuths and the heroes of the Bailey Brothers Mysteries.

So, you say, what makes this Brixton kid so great? Well, how about he’s pretty much got the Bailey Brothers Detective Handbook memorized. He knows how to get out of a jam. He’s quick thinking and light on his feet and only a little bit accident prone. He’s not afraid of baddies, toughs or crooks and he’s got an official Bailey Brothers detective license (available for 12 cereal box tops plus $1.95 shipping and handling). Steve has even solved the baffling Black Bird Robber case and is known—without a lot of affection—as a keen observer by the cops in Ocean Park, California.

Right now, he’s working on a really neat hush-hush matter of national security with his chum, Dana. You didn’t hear it from me but, the Ocean Park cops and a group of librarians (the keepers of knowledge, the best trained, most elite secret force in the United States of America in case you hadn’t heard) are hot on his trail trying to get the goods before he spills the beans to a real scoundrel known only as Mr. E. Could Steve Brixton really be in cahoots with crooks and goons? You won’t get me to talk. You’ll have to read The Case of the Case of Mistaken identity to find out. Go on, what are you waiting for, Christmas?

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    AW said,

    The author is Mac Barnett, not Mac Bennett. 🙂

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