Back to Bed, Ed! by Sebastien Braun

Back to Bed, EdAs many tired parents know, sometimes your little one has a difficult time sleeping alone in his or her own bed, and consequently you end up with a late night visitor. This makes for a more challenging night of sleep at the very least and sometimes includes a little foot in your face. This is the case in Back to Bed, Ed!. Bedtime starts in the usual way with playing and bath time and reading bedtime stories and a tuck into bed, but then Ed just can’t stay in bed! He tip toe tip toes back into his parents’ room and gets cozy between Mom and Dad. His stall tactics are wearing thin with Mom and Dad, but Ed explains that “There are MONSTERS in my bedroom!” Dad does take pity on little Ed, but knows that now is the time that Ed must face his fears. He puts him back to bed with the night light on, his little friend, and words of encouragement — and miracle of miracles, something works! The something that works though is that Ed gathers all of his friends, his teddy, his frog, his duck, his squirrel and tells them that there is no need to be scared, “I’m here now”. Kids and parents alike will see themselves in this story and hopefully all get a good night’s sleep. ZZzzzzzzz . . . .

Posted by: Mary


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