Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehret

Earthquake TerrorThe Palmer family is on a camping trip when Mom breaks her ankle. As Mom and Dad Palmer leave for the hospital, Jonathan, his disabled sister Abbey, and their dog Moose begin the walk back to their camper. On the way an earthquake strikes. Now the surrounding trees are destroyed, their camper is smashed, along with Abbey’s walker. Jonathan is faced with making difficult survival decisions.

Earthquake Terror is a suspenseful family adventure story which portrays how a family bond can strengthen when faced with disaster and survival.

Posted by: Pat

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    Cristy Villegas said,

    Oh My God I love this book. I think i read this book in 5th grade and it was awesome. Everyone in my class loved it especially me and my best friend. You should read it i recommend it. REALLY!!!!

    • 2

      Simin Sally said,

      i know huh it is a great book i also read it in fifht grade. and almost everyone in my class loved it too. it was a really good book i also recommend it. :))) ;))

      • 3

        natali ramos said,

        Have you guys read any of the other books like “small steps:the year i got polio” its really good and sad at the same time you should read it!! 😉 =) $)

      • 4

        prkcslog said,

        I loved Small Steps. It was fantastic! If you like disaster type books, you might want to try the book: The Girls of Pompeii. It is another really good one.

    • 5

      Tiara Dhillon said,

      I read this book in grade 5 while having a literature circle it as so much fun this book is so intresting and keeps the reader intrested and they dont know what will happen next I recomend everyone to read this book.

  2. 6

    Victoria said,

    When I read the part when Abby was saying ‘dont leave me im scared dont go’ inearly died it was so sad.

  3. 7

    i read this in school and i thought it was scary

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