Emma Jean Lazarus Fell in Love by Lauren Tarshis

Emma-Jean Lazarus  Fell in LoveEmma Jean is in 7th grade and up until recently she only observed the behavior of her classmates. She didn’t actually interact with them. Emma Jean is an unusual girl. She is very intelligent and logical and she is a problem solver. She became friends with a group of girls when she decided to help Colleen who she found crying in the bathroom at school one day. Her solution to Colleen’s problem did not turn out exactly as planned (read Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree) but the friendships have blossomed. Now, spring fever is in the air and the friends decide they will go to the Spring Fling dance. Her friend Colleen gets an anonymous note in her locker and asks Emma Jean to find out which boy likes her. Complicating Emma Jean’s life is the fact that she too has succumbed to spring fever. Much to her surprise, she seems to have a crush on a 7th grade basketball player, a very nice boy but not a very logical match. On the home front, she innocently overhears her mother’s boyfriend making plans to move to California to teach. She thinks that this is a very bad decision because he is madly in love with her mother. Emma Jean is a doer and a problem solver so she steps right up to the challenges.

This is a good book about friends, friendship and relationships and the joys and angst of 7th grade. Recommended for Gr. 5-8.

Posted by: Fran

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