Shake, Rattle and Turn That Noise Down: How Elvis shook up music, me and Mom by Mark Alan Stamaty

Shake, Rattle and Turn That Noise DownI remember well the evening that Elvis first waggled his pelvis across the television screens of America. We were having dinner at my aunt’s house and my older cousin was fidgeting and clock watching through the entire meal. She was pretty disruptive. With 12 kids between both our families, things could get fairly chaotic. Generally, only blood could bring dinner to a halt. For one tween to upset our unusually placid parents was pretty amazing.

Elvis Presley could do that to a kid. He did it to my cousin and he did to Mark Stamaty. Not to mention Marks’ mother who like so many other parents of her time saw Elvis and his ilk leading our nation’s youth down the road to perdition.

Stamaty’s slim, graphic book about his transformation from “good boy” to Elvis impersonator is funny, nostalgic and a very basic primer about the birth of rock ‘n roll. Ah, to be bad in the day when Elvis Presley was the biggest menace threatening our sons and daughters.
Being a political cartoonist by trade, his illustrations are first rate. He has a knack for capturing facial nuance. The graphic format lends itself well to telling a longish story in just.

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