The Patterson Puppies and the Rainy Day by Leslie Patricelli

Patterson Puppies and the Rainy DayWell if you were worried that kids would stop using their imaginations with all the gadgets and computers and TV’s in the world, rest assured that IMAGINATION LIVES! This fun and lively story shows how kids, well puppies, can make a rainy day into a day full of fun. Since the puppies could not go out in the rain, they first tried all sorts of things to keep themselves busy – Andy read his favorite dinosaur book for the fifty-first time; Penelope sorted her hair clips into neat little rows; Zack tried on every superhero costume he had (he even put his underwear on his head!); and Petra told all her stuffed animals their favorite stories and put them to bed. NOW WHAT?? After wishing it was sunny, someone came up with the idea that they could pretend to be at the beach and even pretend to be on a pirate ship in the ocean in their own living room (one small problem . . . they flooded the room, but they mopped it up and fans did the rest to blow the carpet dry). With all that wind from the fans, it was a little cold, and so they decided to bundle up in their sweaters and hats and when mom brought in the popcorn and the bowl tipped over, the fans blew the popcorn and . . . instant SNOW! Of course, new snowy adventures await! Never a dull moment in the Patterson house. Just goes to show that if you just use your imagination, a rainy day turns into whatever kind of day you want it to be.

Posted by: Mary


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