Too Purpley! by Jean Reidy

Too Purpley!Too Purpley! has just the right amount of cutesy and funny and girly. As a grown-up girl, you know how some days it is really, really hard to find just the right outfit to wear. But for this little girl, NOTHING seems to work. Her clothes are just too tickly, too puckery, too prickly, too matchy, too strappy . . . do I need to continue? too taggy, too baggy, too purpley! Just not right UNTIL . . . the most perfect comfy outfit!

This book is so fun, especially for moms of very particular little girls — at our house we start with the comfy (but that’s our boy). The illustrations in this book are wonderful and draw you in with the fun colors and patterns. Simply too swirly, too whirly, too girly!

Posted by: Mary

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