Ruby the Red Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Ruby the Red FairyDid you know that best friends Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker have a secret? They are friends with actual fairies! In this first book of a nearly 100-book series called Rainbow Magic, Kirsty and Rachel meet on family vacations to Rainspell Island. When they arrive on the island, they soon find a rainbow and decide to follow it to its end—and what they find is much more precious than a pot of gold. They discover inside Ruby the Red Fairy, who desperately needs their help. You see, the seven Rainbow Fairy sisters of Fairyland have been banished by the wicked Jack Frost and if they are not reunited soon, Fairyland will lose all its color!

So begins the premise of this prolific series, where every seven books contains a story arc (the Rainbow Fairies, the Jewel Fairies, the Pet Fairies, and so on) in which Kirsty and Rachel help reunite lost members of Fairyland, stopping Jack Frost and his goblins at the same time. The series—while repetitive after the first book—is hugely popular with girls just starting to read or listen to chapter books. The series is lighthearted, girlie fun and the main characters are polite and use fairy magic, not violence, to stop the goblins. The Rainbow Magic series is very appropriate for little readers, with nothing offensive or distasteful like some other books popular with that age set.

Just a note, this series was originally published in the UK and some of the names of the books have changed to make them more “American” sounding (Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy is Isabelle here, for instance) and not all have been released in this country yet. Some of the versions still have their British vocabulary, too, which might need some explanation for readers. But if you are in need of happy-go-lucky series for your favorite magic-loving youngster, then you can’t miss with the Rainbow Magic books.

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