The Extraordinary Mark Twain (according to Susy) By Barbara Kerley

Extraordinary Mark TwainThis is a tribute to every girl, big or small, who loves her Daddy. Mark Twain’s oldest daughter, Susy Twain, was worried that the world had an inaccurate picture of her famous father and she was bound and determined to set the record straight. In spring of 1885 she began, surreptitiously, at first, to record her father’s daily doings, remarks to the family and general idiosyncrasies. Once she was found out, her father was intrigued and flattered. The book’s endpapers have a Twain quote about Susy’s endeavors, “This is a frank biographer and an honest one; she uses no sandpaper on me.”

The book’s cartoon-like illustrations capture the liveliness of the Twain household. Some look to be taken from photos of Twain himself. A nice touch is the inclusion Susy’s “journal entries” on most of the double page spreads.

The Extraordinary Mark Twain is a loving tribute to Susy’s father but also to fathers everywhere who’s winning ways capture the hearts and minds of the ”little girls” from 6 to 60 who adore them warts and all.

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    Madison said,

    I love this book

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