Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

FlippedSince Flipped has just been released as a Rob Reiner-directed motion picture, it seems like a good time to introduce the book version to readers of this blog. The story is told as a he said-she said novel spanning 6 years in the lives of Bryce and Julianna, neighbors with very different approaches to life.

When the novel opens, the characters are about to start second grade and Bryce has just moved into Juli’s neighborhood. Immediately, Juli runs over to the moving van, and it is there that she sees Bryce’s beautiful blue eyes and she is HOOKED. Thus begins her story, which chronicles her love for Bryce . . . mostly. Juli’s story demonstrates her passion—yes, her passion for Bryce, but also her passion for life—for the beloved sycamore tree in the neighborhood; and for her family—and her desire to protect them from neighbors who don’t like her messy yard or her ruffian brothers or her mysterious uncle. As the book progresses she begins to mature and starts to realize that there should be more to a person than his pretty blue eyes. Has she finally fallen out of love with Bryce?

Bryce, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Juli those first few years. She is WEIRD—hanging out in that big tree all day or raising her chickens. And look at her YARD, it’s a mess! She is obsessed with Bryce, always following him and wanting to be his girlfriend. Bryce has much more important things on his mind and wants nothing to do with that crazy neighbor of his. Once Bryce’s grandfather comes to live with the family, though, things start to change. Suddenly Bryce begins to see Juli in a whole new light. He notices her passion and how protective she is of her family and wow, she really is pretty, too, isn’t she? Perhaps Juli’s long-held dream of a kiss from Bryce will come true.

Posted by: Cindy

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