Flabby Tabby by Penny McKinlay

Flabby TabbyThis is a cautionary tale (no pun intended) about what can happen if you eat too much and don’t exercise and sleep all day and are carried everywhere – you too could become a FLABBY TABBY. This chubby cat is perfectly content living the slow and easy life until she is taken to see the vet and everything changes! The vet has a plan to get Tabby fit, and it involves a cute little bouncing kitten and a lot less food each day (that darn kitten keeps getting there first).

Tabby knows SOMETHING must be done, and she has a plan – she starts Tabby’s Secret Feline Fitness Plan. At first, it’s rough going, but gets easier and easier as she starts to get in better shape. It is a triumphant day when Tabby makes it to the bowl before the new little kitten, and the two of them run off playing and jumping all over the house. Very fun and perfect illustrations!

Posted by: Mary


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