Beaver is Lost by Elisha Cooper

Beaver is LostI have a weakness for beautiful picture books. What could be wrong with loving beautifully wrought illustrations? It seems like gorgeous art is always paired with a more difficult or intricately written story. As a librarian, it’s sometimes hard to figure out where to put a picture book if it’s not for young children, the books’ ostensible audience. Picture books on historical subjects or with complex ideas can be great for older kids, but it’s hard to sell a “baby book” to a 10-year-old. Luckily, my latest favorite is appropriate for all ages.

Beaver is Lost tells the story of a Beaver who finds himself in the big city, and his efforts to get home again. The watercolors are delicate and almost impressionistic, but still perfectly expressive of the subjects. The story–told with almost no words (a few appear on the first page, and one on the last)–is universal and just as thought-provoking as those ‘older’ picture books, and can be understood by very young children. A delightful, gentle story for anyone who loves beautiful pictures.

Posted by: Sarah

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