Too Pickley by Jean Reidy

Too PicklyWell, finally a companion piece for that wonderful girly book Too Purpley! This book would work for boys and girls and is just right to poke a little fun at those little picky eaters. Too Pickley! is all about food and all the many reasons to reject those foods that are not even worth trying, according to one little boy. They are just too wrinkly, too squishy, too fruity, too fishy! Too slimy, too slurpy, too bubbly, to burpy! —- you get the idea —- too greeny, too gooey, too pickley, TOO PEE-YOOEY! In the end, our little friend decides that he is in fact VERY hungry and finds that the foods were, much to his surprise, VERY yummy! I can’t wait to see what is next in this little series, if it is a series! This book is very clever and worth taking home to my very own picky eater.

Posted by: Mary

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