The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick

Houdini BoxAs a young boy, Victor worships Houdini’s amazing feats of magic. He, himself, hopes to be a famous magician someday and is determined to be able to repeat the tricks that Houdini is known for. Unfortunately, he cannot escape from a locked box, or hold his breath underwater for a ridiculously long time, or walk through walls – no matter how often he tries. Then, much to his delight, he encounters his hero at the train station and can’t help but to ask him how he does those tricks. Ever mysterious, Houdini invites the young boy to his home, where Victor hopes all the secrets will be revealed. Oh, were things that easy! Life gets in the way and disappointments happen and Victor grows up – not a magician at all. Ah, but the question is, does Victor ever learn Houdini’s secrets? I invite you to read the book to find out!

This short, delightful book filled with wonderful illustrations also offers some newspaper clippings and biographical information on Houdini.

Posted by: Wendy

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