Regarding the Fountain by Kate Klise

Regarding the FountainWho knew that something as simple as replacing a broken water fountain would cause such trouble for the principal of Dry Creek Elementary School and some corrupt members of the town? When the drinking fountain outside of Mr. Sam N’s fifth-grade classroom starts to leak, the principal contacts an exotic designer to submit a quote for the replacement. So begins the book, told entirely in letters, postcards, drawings, newspaper clippings and even advertisements, and the fun starts from there. The designer of the fountain, Ms. Florence Waters, is a rather creative type, not bound by deadlines or functionality. She asks the students in Sam N.’s class to tell her what kind of fountain they want and they talk of live fish and milkshakes and every odd item you could name.

In the meantime, some cryptic memos appear in defense of the broken fountain and alluding to it being very important and all the while the principal of the school just wants a price quote for this new fountain. It all seems to be leading nowhere until Sam N.’s class starts their research project on the history of Dry Creek and discovers a scandal brewing just beneath the surface of the fountain.

This highly-illustrated comical tale is sure to please older readers of all levels, but it would work well especially for a child who claims not to like to read. The letters are all short and written in fun fonts and the story progresses at a quick pace.

Posted by: Cindy


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