The Clockwork Three by Matthew Kirby

The Clockwork ThreeGiuseppe is a young busker, a boy plays music on the street for money that he gives back to his cruel Padrone. Hannah is a maid at an upscale hotel and at 13, supporting her family while her mother tends to her ill father and two young sisters. Fredrick is an apprentice clockmaker, saved from an orphanage by his Master recently. These three children’s lives intersect in intricate and delicate ways as they struggle in their own situations and find that they can help each other in unexpected ways. This book is part historical fiction, part fantasy and completely intriguing. I loved how the characters dire situations heightened as they came closer to meeting each other and how seamlessly their stories blended when they came together. It was like watching an intricate puzzle be put together and then taken apart, much like the gears in a clock. There is plenty of action to keep even reluctant readers going with this book. Posted by: Kelly


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