100 Cupboards by N.D.Wilson

100 CupboardsHenry York arrives in Henry, Kansas to stay with his Aunt Dotty, Uncle Frank and his three cousins, Penelope, Anastasia, and of course, Henrietta, in his family owned farm. Henry’s boarding school upbringing and sheltered life haven’t made him all that brave. In fact, he just stopped wearing a helmet in gym class recently, but Kansas is bringing out the adventurous side in him. He even plays a pick up game of baseball for the first time. Henry isn’t even afraid of being in the tiny, attic bedroom in the old farmhouse by himself. That is until the day he wakes up with plaster in his hair. He starts to pick at the plaster on the wall and discovers that behind the plaster on the walls is a tiny door. As has he picks further, he finds not one tiny door but 99 tiny doors. Soon Henry discovers the cupboards have been there for years and that his grandfather and many other Yorks have been involved with the cupboards and the secrets they hold.

Each door leads to another world. Some of the worlds are lovely, sunny places with charming magic but others are terrifying, dark lands that just glimpses through the small door horrifies Henry. But the draw is too great, and Henry can’t resist finding his way into these other worlds, and that is when the adventure truly begins. Henry discovers worlds filled with magical creatures, peoples and animals and, of course, danger. Henry opens a portal between his world and these magical worlds that compromises safety on both sides and begins an amazing series of books that is sure to delight all fantasy readers.

Posted by: Kelly


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