Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Matthew McElligott

Benjamin Franklinstein LivesEveryone knows the story about Ben Franklin, the key and the lightning bolt. But, do you know the one where Ben Franklin, dead for hundreds of years, is buried in a Philadelphia brownstone’s basement and is re-animated—more or less successfully–by yet another lightning bolt? That’s exactly what happens in Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

When budding scientist, Victor Godwin, discovers a long hidden laboratory in his basement he gets sucked into a wild adventure that will leave kids laughing and maybe learning a something they didn’t expect.

Beginning with the goofy cover art of Franklin as a zombie, the story mixes fantasy, fact, mystery and mayhem as Victor and Ben race through Philadelphia trying to discover the whereabouts of the Modern Order of Prometheans. Wait a sec, the Modern Order of what?
If you can spare an hour or two to have some real –and a little unreal–fun read Ben Franklinstein Lives! to find out.

Oh, BTW, did I mention the volcano?

Posted by: Eileen

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