Powerless by Matthew Cody

PowerlessI loved this book. I thought that I would not enjoy it much. It is about children with super powers and I just didn’t think that I would like it. Then there is the cover. I hated the cover. I hope it doesn’t discourage older children because this book is really good.

The story is about children who have super powers. They all live in a small town in Pennsylvania, Noble’s Green, the Safest Town on Earth. Some of them can fly, one has amazing strength, one can become invisible. They follow rules that have been passed down to them from previous super powered children. They remain anonymous but sometimes they use their secret powers to save people. But there is something terrible that haunts them all. Each child loses their super powers on their thirteenth birthday. Not only do they lose their powers but they also lose their memory of ever having been different from anyone else. They inevitably drift away from the friends they made when they were part of the band of supers. Each child dreads this day for themselves and for their friends.

Daniel Corrigan moves to Noble’s Green so that his family can be near his grandmother who has cancer. Daniel becomes suspicious about one of the supers and eventually becomes an accepted friend into the super powers group of children. Daniel is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and decides to work with his neighbor to see if he can solve the mystery of how the children lose their powers on their thirteenth birthday.

What really powers this book is the group of children, their personalities and problems and how they relate to one another. It is a lot about being friends and dealing with problems. In addition It also has a scary villain and an interesting mystery. So my recommendation is read the book – many different kids will like it!

Posted by: Fran


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