Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper

CupcakeI must be hungry when I select my books to review, because this month I selected another about food. The book, Cupcake, is about a plain vanilla cupcake that is happy in his cupcake family until he realizes they all have something special about them. There is Pink Princess Cupcake, Chocolaty Chocolate Cupcake and another with fancy polka frosting. Cupcake meets a plain green candle that understands his pain. All his sibling candles have something special about them as well. To help out, Candle thinks up different toppings to add to Cupcake – including spaghetti and a pickle (which would be my husband’s favorite). None of them are quite right. Eventually the two become a pair, although candle is still a little dim.

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    […] children’s books including the Just Grace series, the Fashion Kitty series, and the picture book Cupcake. I was a bit surprised to see Harper depart from stories that center around girls and take on boys. […]

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