Let’s Count Goats by Mem Fox

Let's Count GoatsMem Fox is an amazing picture book author whose titles are always lyrical and fun to read aloud. Her titles span a wide spectrum from the sweet, soothing bedtime stories like Time for Bed to the absurd, like Where is the Green Sheep? Her latest is Let’s Count Goats and definitely falls in the absurd category. Paired with Jan Thomas’ zany illustrations, this title had me laughing with every turn of the page.

Rather than write a story that enumerates each goat, the author asks the reader to count goats in a variety of unlikely circumstances. Every page features goats in silly situations like at the seaside, at the airport “looking for her cases”, “careening round in cars”, and making sand castles. I think that kids will really enjoy pouring over the hilarious illustrations and relish the details such as the funny facial expressions on the goats, the trumpet playing goats with trumpets on top of their heads and backwards in their mouths and, of course, goats chewing on just about anything on the page. If you are looking for a unique way to practice counting, or just a laugh, this book is for you!

Posted by: Kelly

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