Frankly Frannie by AJ Stern

Frankly FrannieFrannie Miller is a spunky little girl who can’t wait to be grown up and have an amazing job. She uses grown up words such as “actually” and “certainly” as often as possible in order to impress on everyone that she is mature beyond her years. She puts together a resume and business cards and assembles important “adult” things, such as glasses missing their lenses, in her dad’s old briefcase. Look out world! Well, look out local radio station, where her class is slated to visit for a field trip on the mayoral Election Day in her city.

Frannie’s plan is to wow the DJ, her classmate’s father, while her class is at his radio station and thus secure a job for herself right then and there. She starts off by scattering her business cards and resume on various desks at the station. But, then she finds herself presented with the perfect opportunity to prove that she, too, can answer questions during the “on air” caller segment of the radio program. After all, she thinks she is filling in during what she perceives as an emergency! Needless to say, things don’t go quite as Frannie had planned and more than one disaster takes place.

This humorous book will have readers of all ages laughing out loud. Even the use of some of Frannie’s made-up words such as “machillion” and “oftenly” is somewhat endearing. Not only are there other books about Frannie, but there is also a fun interactive Frankly Frannie website

Posted by: Wendy


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