Sweetie by Ellen Miles

Sweetie“Where Every Puppy Finds a Home” is the tagline to the Puppy Place series in which the Peterson family fosters unwanted puppies until they can find their ‘forever’ home. Charles and Lizzie (and their baby brother the Bean) are crazy about dogs and are very excited to be fostering Sweetie, a wonderfully smart and loving poodle who quickly learns some impressive tricks. She’s such a good performer, in fact, that Charlie and his friends think she’d make a great companion to a circus clown they know. But is the circus the right life for Sweetie or can she find some other venue for her talents?

The Puppy Place series features a new foster dog (or two, or even a cat!) in each book, with 24 titles in the series so far. Each title follows the acquisition, training and care, and eventual adoption of various homeless dogs. It is a great series for boys or girls who love dogs but like the Petersons are not allowed to have one of their own. Lizzie is a dog expert—she knows all about breeds and the training methods and Charles just loves all the pups that enter their home. Reporter Mom and Firefighter Dad help out, too, but it’s Charles and Lizzie who are responsible for the dogs and set a wonderful example for children that puppies are a lot of work. The siblings argue like regular kids do, but it’s not mean-spirited and they usually learn that the best way to train and re-home the dog is by working together.

Because the series deals with shelter dogs, there are the occasional instances of dogs being rescued from scary situations, and there is some talk about the puppy mills, so be warned. The Puppy Place is designed for children in at about the second-grade reading level so the context is appropriate for that age. It is recommended for dog lovers everywhere!

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  1. 1

    Kang Sherie said,

    To: Ellen Miles

    Could u give me ur email address?
    My sis n i is crazy about ur books.
    So we were hoping u could email us.
    Thank u for ur understanding.

    From ur number1 fan,

  2. 2

    allison said,

    i would also like to have your Email address to ask you questions

  3. 3

    Anna said,

    Hi ellen!!!!!! I am such a big fan about your books right now i am reading bear.I read snowball,goldie,princess and shadow!!!I evan right my own puppy place books about my dog chloe! She is a begal cockerspainal mix and can you pleas write about her pleas i know you have great ideas!and also give me your email adress then i can tell you some ideas about her.I give u mine.it is Annaeddler201@aol.com.This is my idea for u to c:CHapter one

    Lizzie was looking at pups.com and she got mixed breeds.She was interesed in it but her mom called for dinner.She went dow stairs and interrupted charels she said Wile I was on the computer i found mix breeds!”Lizzy said Dad came home with a box little whimpers came out.It was a nother puppy!Lizzy sall the puppy and said”A BEGAL!”Lizzy said exisidly.”Ha! I’s a mix of a begal cocker spainal!”Dad said tiredly.Hunny!”dad said Yea hun?”I gonna take a nap I be back by dinner.”dad said ”it is dinner time”mom said ”Well dessert then”dad said Dad thumpted up the stairs to mom’s and dad’s bed room and slept.

    Well thats my stor so far! E-Mail me whatcha thinked!

  4. 4

    meena bhattar said,

    Hello! I am very crazy about dogs! i loved your books alot! I wanted to send you a letter through mail,but maybe you could give me your email address or not your personal one. Can you tell me how to prove my parents i can take care of a dog cause a dog in houston Texas is stray and doesnt have a home and i want to foster it!!!! I would love to check your site to see if any new books came up cause i almost read all of them!! I always wanted to be an author like you! Hope you are safe,thanks!!

  5. 5

    irene said,

    hi ellen!
    i love your books.
    but i want your email.
    do you have any?

    • 6

      riley said,

      i would like your email too i have your address but not your email i sent you a note in the mail you should get it by Friday. If you could would you be able to write me back.

      your number 1 fan Riley

  6. 7

    Regan Dawes age 10 said,

    Dear Ellen Miles,
    I was wondering if you could write a kitty corner book about my cat Jasey. She was a stray that was living underneath a deck in someones yard. She is a black long haired cat with green eyes. I love reading your books, I have lots of them. I love the way you use strong verbs and attributes. Thanks, Regan

  7. 8

    melanie said,

    i love you books sssooooooooooossssssssssoooooooooossssssosoosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much i wish i had a dog i read allmost all your books i love to saying huge your dog ing patches i love all your books like;golgie,snowball,shaow,rascal,buddy,flash scout,pugsley and all the other one please wrte back and my maybe give me a email back ok bye your bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeees fan

  8. 9

    Alexis said,

    Hi Ellen,
    I am nutso about dogs! My friends get tired from hearing my dog tales! I also write little stories about dogs. I was wondering…may I please have your email address? I really hope you can write back while your not busy…please? Thanks! I have the whole series, except for Maggie and Max. Thank you so much! P.S I got kind of sad to hear that Lizzie did not really like the Yorkshire Terrier Princess. I love Yorkies! 😦


  9. 10

    prkcslog said,

    We are glad you like this book and author so much! For those of you looking for Ellen Miles’ email address, this post was actually written by the Park Ridge Public Library. You can learn more about Ellen Miles, the author, at: http://www.ellenmiles.net/

  10. 11

    riley said,

    i think buddy is my favorite because hes a mixed breed i have a mixed breed named emey do you think you could write a story about a cockapoo? please

  11. 12

    Helen tan said,

    Dear Ellen Miles
    I very like your kitty corner and your puppy place books.
    I read lots of them.How much pets do you own?It is very
    confusing.How much books do you write?
    Do you you write other books I could read?
    I very like dogs.I really want one
    but I can’t.

  12. 13

    kirra said,

    I love this book

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