Roy Morelli Steps Up to the Plate by Thatcher Heldring

Roy Morelli Steps Up to the PlateThis is a good sports book. The main character is in 8th grade but I think it will appeal to younger readers also. Roy loves baseball and has always played on the traveling team. This year is very important because the high school coach scouts the traveling teams for potential high school players. Unfortunately, Roy is kind of a cutup at school and he does well in classes that interest him but History isn’t one of them. He is getting a D. His parents are divorced but put up a united front about his grades. Both agree that he will have to play on the recreational team this year.

Roy realizes that the highschool coach still shows up sometimes to watch their games but how will he ever get noticed playing on this horrible team? He gets a lot of hostility from his team mates when he tries to implement changes. He also ends up having to go to a tutor who happens to be his father’s girlfriend! How awful is that! He has a pretty rough time of it for awhile and makes some mistakes but he learns a lot and the sports situations are really good and believable. Recommended for readers in 5th through 8th grades.

Posted by: Fran


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