Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wight

Frankie Pickle and the Closet of DoomIt can be hard to find a beginning chapter book that is also a great story, but Frankie Pickle manages to be both. Frankie Pickle is part chapter book, part comic book, with chapters alternating between traditional text and comic style illustrations.

The Closet of Doom begins with Frankie being “incarcerated” in his room by “The Warden” (a.k.a. his mother) until his room is clean. Frankie’s overactive imagination allows us to see him sitting in his room/prison cell, doomed for a life behind bars counting the minutes until he will be free. But soon, Frankie discovers an evil robot lurking under his dirty laundry, waiting to attack. He drops his prison confines and switches to superhero mode, fighting the evil robot to protect the Metropolitan Metropolis of Metro City. Frankie’s imagination takes him through several other adventurous scenarios until finally, he faces the Closet of Doom head on and gets his room clean.

The humor is spot on for younger elementary aged children as is the fast-paced, adventurous nature of this book. Fans of Captain Underpants and Baby Mouse alike will find things to love about the wholesome, yet hilarious, Frankie Pickle.

Posted by: Kelly

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