The Middle Sheep by Frances Watts

The Middle SheepAs a middle child myself, just the title alone made this book a must-read, and the old-fashioned illustrations completely drew me in. This new series is about Ernie and Maud, a superhero duo performing good deeds and superhero tasks all over town. Ernie Eggers, or “Extraordinary Ernie”, is a boy who was thrilled to win a superhero contest and now performs his superhero duties on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school and all day Saturdays. Maud, or “Marvelous Maud” is Ernie’s sidekick, and much to Ernie’s initial surprise happens to be a sheep. In Ernie’s estimation, there has never been another sheep quite like Maud. The two of them patrol the little town of Baxter, and fearlessly perform their superhero duties, like the time that Ernie found Mrs. Evan’s lost purse which she had dropped into a pile of bananas in the supermarket, or when Maud threw herself in front of a runaway stroller, or when Ernie chased after Mr. Carter’s toupee that blew off his head with a sudden gust of wind! They take their responsibilities very seriously, but sometimes run into small snags along the way, like when Maud’s sister used his superhero cape for dress-up. Maud is feeling a little gloomy and almost invisible as the “middle sheep” in her own family, and so she decides that she deserves a sidekick and calls for try-outs, but with little success. This ends up causing some hard feelings between Ernie and Maud, but eventually they find a way to work it out and work together to save the day once more. I think young readers would love this as a read-aloud, and readers maybe 2nd – 4th grade would just plain love it!

Posted by: Mary

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