Junonia by Kevin Henkes

JunoniaNine-year-old Alice Rice vacations every year on Sanibel Island in Florida with her parents. She is an only child and loves the vacation time. She enjoys seeing the same people every year. It’s like a special summer community. Her favorite person is Kate, her mother’s best friend. But this year Kate isn’t coming by herself, she is coming with a boyfriend and his daughter and Alice is very disappointed. When they arrive the daughter, Mallory, turns out to be just 6 years old and very sad and difficult. Her mother left her and her father and moved to France.

Alice tries to make the best of the summer but resents the changes and the attention that Mallory needs because of her unhappiness. Mallory causes a scene at Alice’s birthday and Alice continues to resent her even after she has gone home.

This is a quiet little story about family and friends and how important it is turning 10 and having everything be perfect and what happens when it isn’t. How wonderful it is though to be 10 and to be loved and to be secure in that love and that time and that space. This is a good book for thoughtful girls grades 4-8.

Posted by: Fran

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