Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown

Children Make Terrible PetsAs any good mother knows, it’s true, children do make terrible pets – they do ruin furniture, they are impossible to potty train, and they have even been known to throw food from time to time. This story is about a bear named Lucy who finds the cutest little critter in the whole forest, a boy, who Lucy promptly names “Squeaker” because that is all he says. Of course Lucy wants to keep him for a pet, and she takes him home to ask her mom. Although her mom has some reservations, knowing how hard it is to care for a pet, she reluctantly says okay. Well, it all starts out just fine – but then Squeaker becomes unruly and makes messes everywhere and things just keep getting WORSE! One day Squeaker disappears, and Lucy follows his scent all the way back to his home, where she realizes he really belongs. This juxtaposition of owner and pet is quite clever, and the illustrations make the story even more enjoyable and funny. This would be great for a read-aloud for kids ages 4 and up, and grown-ups would like the humor too!

Posted by: Mary


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