Titanic #1—Unsinkable By Gordon Korman

Titanic: UnsinkableThis is a review for a book I haven’t read. Don’t get me wrong, only a national emergency could keep me from finishing but, I wanted to get this review out ASAP.
That being said, for more than a couple of reasons, I feel quite positive that I can give Unsinkable a glowing report. First, I’ve read almost half and the setting and characters have me hooked. Second, it’s by Gordon Korman, one of my personal favorite authors for a good, “ripping yarn.” Third, it’s about the TITANIC.

Everything about the Titanic evokes an almost ghoulish fascination. Before a page is turned the outcome is known. But it was such a magnificent ship, with an amazing “cast of characters” that any Titanic story practically writes itself. I can’t get enough, so thank you, Mr. Korman, for feeding my addiction.

With Unsinkable, the first book in a series, Korman takes the Titanic epic one step further than simply the story of a doomed ship. There was no need to manufacture an absorbing and thrilling plot. The Titanic was rife with class differences, stowaways and secrets, not to mention the icebergs. As usual, he’s written engaging, likable characters who, at the same time as they’re developing the story, are adding historical data and background. The four main characters are immediately interesting. Figuring how they’re going to interact with one another drew me into the story from the very start and then there’s the plot twist that heightens the suspense and danger. I’ll say no more than “Whitechapel murders…”

Talk about “ripping yarns,” this one’s got it all. I wonder how it will end?

Posted by: Eileen

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