My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald

My Life in Pink and GreenLucy Desberg is a twelve-year-old girl on a mission. Her family’s long-standing drug store is going under, and no one seems to have any hope for it but Lucy, who is determined to find a way to salvage the family business. When an older, popular girl stops in the drug store after a salon disaster, Lucy helps her with her makeover skills and knowledge of beauty products. Word spreads, and soon Lucy is a sought-after makeover artist to all the local teen girls, helping them to look beautiful for school dances and special occasions. This helps Lucy to see how she can save Old Mill Pharmacy, but can she convince her skeptical grandmother that this burgeoning makeover business, along with a grant proposal for the pharmacy to “go green” with an eco-spa expansion, will help the family business to stay afloat? My Life in Pink and Green is by turns sweet, funny and inspiring. Lisa Greenwald does a great job of capturing middle school friendships and crushes, and she has created in Lucy a loveable character with style, an independent spirit, and lots of love for her family, friends, and community. This would make a great summer read for tween girls. Posted by: Parry


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