Mirror by Jeannie Baker

MirrorThis wordless picture book opens to reveal two parallel books. Both start with an introduction. The story on the left is in English and takes place in an urban area in Australia. The story on the right is in Arabic and takes place in Morocco, North Africa. Meant to be read simultaneously, the two stories reveal what daily life is like for a family in Australia and a family in Morocco. Told entirely through beautiful pictures created by paper collage, the story shows how the families start their day, commute to their urban centers and spend their days there, return home for dinner and spend time together as a family. The contrast of the family in Australia driving to the city to shop in a large hardware store versus the family in Morocco riding donkeys to their outdoor marketplace is stunning. What are even more engaging are the extremely similar breakfast and dinner times that depict both the families in Australia and in Morocco sharing time together over a meal. No detail is lost in the stunning collage illustrations that capture the animals in the Moroccan market place, the food the families eat in both countries and intricate rug design patterns in both stories. The detailed pictures make this title one that children will reach for again and again to study the intricate design and the similarities and differences between the two households. A stunning work of art as well as fitting introduction to cultures around the world, this story highlights what makes people different and also the commonalities that link us all together.

Posted by: Kelly

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