Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo

Magician's ElephantWhen 10-year-old Peter is sent to the market in Baltese he is meant to use the single coin in his pocket to purchase fish and bread. That particular day, however, there is a fortune teller’s tent at the market. Peter finds himself repeatedly walking past the tent and he finally decides to spend the coin on a fortune. He is allowed one question and without hesitation he asks about his lost, and perhaps dead, sister. He is told that indeed his sister lives and that an elephant will lead him to her. What a preposterous idea! Not only is it winter in Baltese, but there is certainly not a single elephant anywhere nearby. But life is always changing and sometimes remarkable things happen.

During a magic show at the opera house a magician intends to conjure up a bouquet of lilies but he causes an elephant to come crashing through the ceiling instead. An elephant in Baltese! What if the fortune teller could have been right? The appearance of the elephant sets a series of seemingly unrelated events in motion involving several people from the town of Baltese. How can a displaced elephant possibly help Peter find his missing sister?? Sometimes remarkable things happen.

This heartwarming book promises to leave the reader with the feeling that indeed life does change and that one should never give up hope because sometimes remarkable things do happen.

Posted by: Wendy

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    Jeyna Grace said,

    Sound easy and fun to read…

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