The Red Blazer Girls: The Mistaken Masterpiece by Michael Biel

Mistaken MasterpieceThey’re back! Until this latest installment of the Red Blazer Girls came to my attention, I hadn’t realized how much I missed them. They’re just the thing for a summer read. Sophie, Margaret, Leigh Ann and Becca are best friends and budding detectives. In The Mistaken Masterpiece, having already solved two tricky cases, the girls have enough of a reputation that they’re now being recruited to solve crimes rather than stumbling into them. This time, Fr. Julian, a friend from their first adventure, The Ring of Rocamadour, has asked the young sleuths to help date a photograph to prove that it was taken before 1961. It’s not the photograph that important though, it’s a painting in the photograph, a painting that could be worth a fortune OR could be a fake. In the mean time, the girls meet and befriend some movie stars, learn the pluses and perils of dogsitting and uncover some interesting information about their arch enemy, Livvy Klack. It’s just another day in the lives of some average New York 12 year-olds. Right, like there’s anything average about the Red Blazer Girls. As with the first two books, the pace was fast, the girls kooky, quirky and cute and the mystery was pretty tricky. Each girl is getting more fleshed out as the books continue. In this book, Becca calls her artistic eye and knowledge of the art world into play to unravel some of the most important clues in the case. She’s a pretty hip 7th grader. My only regret is that there were no puzzles to solve—okay, how to date a photograph presented some challenges—like there were in the previous two books. That being said, I could never really solve those puzzles and math problems as well as the girls so I guess, it’s not such an awful thing. And The Mistaken Masterpiece is not such an awful thing either. There’s no mistaking it, it’s pretty clearly a masterpiece itself. Posted by: Eileen

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